Lake Plastira


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The gorgeous area of Lake Plastira lies in the heart of Greece in the prefecture of Karditsa. The general Nikolaos Plastiras inspired this artificial lake in 1935 although its construction was completed in 1959. Its official name is Tavropos Lake. It is 25 kilometers from the center of Karditsa.

It is the perfect destination for both winter and summer holiday all year round. The visitor will be astounded by its beauty. It is located in the mountain range of Agrafa. It is a landmark for both the areas that surmount it but for Greece as well. Villages that are in close proximity such as Kryoneri, Kerasia and Pezoula to name but a few are truly unique.

There are a lot of taverns and restaurants in the area that cater for all tastes. Furthermore, there are also bars and cafes to enjoy an evening out. You can do a lot ofactivities and visit the attractions of Lake Plastira. During the summer a lot of festivals are held while a lot of well-known sports events take place such as triathlon X-terra